The journey about Dessert District started simple yet special.  Like most people, Pacha had always been in love with baking and surely it was one of her favorite hobbies.  She always found herself in the kitchen when she was free from her tense IT work hours.  It became a habit that she baked at night just to make sure that, at day, there would be enough dessert for her colleagues to enjoy.  

After years has passed, she decided to walk on a different path.  Pacha is now a Le Cordon Bleu graduated in Superior Pastry and Boulangerie class with both top-3 highest scores.  She decided to pursue her passion by becoming full time pastry chef.  Combining her love of baking and her endless creativity, as a result, Dessert District was born on 2014.

Every ingredient used in our products are well selected and sourced.  We only choose finest ingredients for our baked products and only use high quality and certified materials in our baking processes.  No preservative, additive, artificial flavor is included in any of our kitchen lists.

We are currently solely online.  Therefore, all order placement is to be made in advance.  We truly appreciate every orders and value them as our happiness fulfillment responsibility. 

Located in northern area of Bangkok, Jatujak, Prechachuen, Dessert District has served many customers aross Bangkok area.  Using convinient online delivery service, customers can enjoy Dessert District’s cakes without having to commute though Bangkok traffic to pick up the cake.

If you would like to know more about Dessert District, please follow our facebook page and come back regularly to visit our new products and check out interesting updates from our blogs.