Frequency Asked Questions

Q: How long before my event should I place my cake/cookie order?

For regular size of custom cake/cupcake/cookie sets, booking at least 7 days in advance is recommended as our booking slot usually got filled up fairly quickly.  If you have a planned event date in mind, we suggest contacting us early to reserve the date first and we can work on detailed requirements later.

For wedding ceremony, At least 1 month is required for wedding cake order placement.

Q: Do I need to keep the cake refrigerated? How long can I leave the cake outside?

Apart from delivering process and party time, we advise to always keep our cakes in refrigerator.  The reason is because we only use dairy and fresh ingredients which easily melted when dealing with Bangkok’s outdoor temperature. 

Although, please do not put the cake in freezer as it is too cold and all ingredients will be harden and inedible.  The recommended chilling temperature is 0 – 4 c.

During party time, feel free to place the cake where ever you believe appropriated.  Custom cake is well structured and will stand elegantly for long hours throughout your event.

Q: How about icing cookies? Do I have to freeze them?

Icing cookies must be kept outside freezer. They stay crispy in dried atmosphere therefore all cookies should be kept in airtight container until distributing date.  Keeping cookies in airtight box will extend cookies’ crispiness and expand cookies’ shelf life.

Q: Any preservatives used in the product?

No, we are opposed to any kind of artificial enhanced ingredients and chemical substances.

Q: Is it too difficult to pick up the cake myself? Will the cake fall apart?

No, it is not difficult at all. For regular size custom cake, finished product is packed in a durable cake box and is easily carried. We recommend you to clear out a small flat space in your car so that cake box is placed nicely and stay in tack when your are driving to your destination.

For wedding cake, we will arrange delivery plan for you.

Q: The dolls are so cute that I would like to keep them instead of eating them. Can I do that?

Yes, of course.  Just pull the doll(s), and any decorating items you would like to keep, out of the cake and let them sit outside refrigerator for a while until the moisture dries out.

Once dried, you can keep them in any chosen box for your best displaying purpose. Remember to throw in a couple of silica gel packets inside the box to maintain air dryness.

All items are made of fondant sugar/gum paste.  So it is better to keep them in airtight container to avoid sharing its yumminess with other small creatures : )

Q: Which size of the custom cake should I choose?

Recommended size depends on a few factors when it comes to custom cake. Here’s what to consider;

First, the number of people attending your party – rough estimates are; 1-pound cake can serve up to 4 – 6 people, 2-pound cake can be divided into 8 – 10 pieces, while 3 pounds can feed around 12 – 14 persons if they have had their main courses.

Second, the style of customized cake you plan to order – if it is a theme cake or a 2-tier cake, the size starts at 2 pounds. For wedding cake, size will be vary depending on which style you choose.

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